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and we never forgave and we never forgot

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Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia August 2014 issue.(x)

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Teen Wolf starts at 10 pm EDT in the US (convert your time zone here). All streams work outside the US. Bolded streams will be playing Wolf Watch (with Melissa Ponzio and Haley Webb) after the episode*

Remember to #TeenWolf if you’re livetweeting!

* I do not run any of the above streams so if they go down I can’t do anything about it :(

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bc with light hair does things to me

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If you ever push a pull door, don’t look like a stupid idiot. just push the door off its hinges and walk through like a champion


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Speechless, I behold the beauty of it’s echo; and I know in this moment I’m more alive than I’ll ever be. 

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Sterek AU: After months of ridiculous pining and many many failed attempts at trying to ask Derek out on a date, Stiles sort of accidentally loses all pretense and finesse on one of their stake outs. Because Derek was just sitting there, with his stupid shoulders and the creak of his leather jacket whenever he shifted in his seat and Stiles had been rummaging through his fries, very specifically avoiding eye contact and trying very hard not to do something stupid. Like shove himself into Derek’s lap and find out if he can actually get beard burn if he eats at Derek’s mouth long enough.

But then Derek made some dry comment about Stiles’ surveillance skills and Stiles had laughed almost hysterically, heart pounding in the back of his throat and blurted, "So you wanna go out with me?"

And Derek had just- shrugged, eyes slowly drifting from their gaze out the window, pausing slightly before finally resting on Stiles.


Sure. Like it was that easy, like Stiles had just offered Derek a drink of his soda and not something so horrifically pathetic as an actual date with a seventeen year old boy who couldn’t be eloquent enough to actually eat slow enough to taste his food.

Stiles was going to die of a heart attack before he ever experienced his first romantic entanglement.

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New Year Countdown: a thank you note to the people who have made my dash a happy and safe place this past year.

8. grimm

Inspired by this fic.

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